The world is changing and you have a choice to change with it… or not.

If you choose to change with it, to “Embrace the Experience” of this journey, congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step to a more content, harmonious, peaceful and joyous life.

But unfortunately, like every experience of change, the road forward is going to be a bumpy one.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  The Industrial Revolution took about 100 years.  And there’s going to be many moments along the way that you’re going to curse and swear at and you’ll wish you’d never started the journey.  Then five minutes later, you’ll tip over the cusp-of-change you’d been hovering on and see the new landscape before you.  Suddenly, it will all be worth it and you’ll be eager to take the next step forward.

Are you excited to begin?  🙂   Or maybe so frustrated with the way your life is going right now that you’ll try anything!!  😐  Or maybe you’re just wandering the web.  All of you are welcome here.

Below are the Core Principles & Premises that provide a common starting point for the work ahead.  Each page is linked to lessons and tools to help you learn and implement concepts that are new to you.  Below that is an explanation of the Cast of Characters who provide the examples in the lessons and tools.

If you ‘grok’ the premises, the Lessons are presented in the form of questions.  While there is some structure to their order, feel free to pick and choose what calls to you.

The Toolbox provides tools that you can use individually or in combination with the lessons and other tools.  Some tools you’ll use once, others will become everyday staples of your new life, and some you’ll find are completely useless.  That’s okay.  Everyone’s journey is unique.

The Q&A section is questions I’ve been asked that can be answered reasonably concisely.  Its contents are a mix of general questions and ones related to current events.

Are you ready begin the journey to “embrace the experience of a changing you” and transform your limiting beliefs, restrictive social programming, fears, phobias, and negative self expectations into an empowering and expansive worldview?

If so, WELCOME!!  😀

Core Principles & Premises

These are the core personal principles that you must embrace and nurture in order to traverse this journey as easily and quickly as possible:

  • Be open to change and willing to live from a learner’s heart.
  • Embrace ultimate self-responsibility.
  • Demand radical self-honesty.
  • Learn the wisdom and let your past go.

These are the basic premises that provide the groundwork to understand the content on the rest of this website:

Cast Of Characters

To prevent any potential embarrassment when I talk about an experience I’ve had, read about, watched on a video, or encountered in any way along my journey, I will tell all stories from the viewpoint of following cast of characters: Susan, Janet, George and Robert.

These characters will vary in age and every other aspect of themselves based on the requirements of the message being conveyed, the story being told.  They might be an adult in one story and a child in the next.  They are not meant to be a single consistent character.

They are never based on an individual person in my life.  They are a synthesis of many people, characters and encounters, gathered into one fictional entity to convey a message.