“Embrace the Experience” is the result of an intense decade committed to my personal evolution, on top of a decade-long “dark night of the soul” journey, and prior to that a decade of initial awakening and questioning.

This website is my–in this now moment–interpretation and understanding of the combined wisdom from:

  • The countless books I’ve read and my general life experience across the spectrum, from metaphysics to psychology, computers to religion, and much more.
  • The Awakening, Enlightenment and Ascension blogs, websites, books, teachers and videos from the internet, seminars and everywhere else I could find them.
  • My own multi-dimensional-selves, teachers and guides.
  • And much more.

And all is subject to change at any moment as I learn and understand more.

Everything on this website is the result my of my journey and my interactions with the people around me.  It’s not meant to be the only path, it’s just “a” path.  You might agree with some things and not others, which is fine.  🙂

The purpose of this website is to offer you insights and tools that I hope will make the  journey to you own evolution much easier and quicker than mine.  The key message, of course, is:

The more you embrace the experience of your evolution, the faster and easier your journey will be.

As with everything on this website: take what’s useful and leave the rest.

Blessings upon you and yours!