Lesson #3 — Are my emotions running my life?

Sometimes, when one is having a hell of a day, it can be turned into a teaching moment.  As always, take what’s useful and leave the rest.  🙂

There are some days when the “energies” (a word used as a short-hand for the larger universal picture that contains lots of moving parts and pieces and interacts on many levels, layers, realities and timelines) are really high, off the freaking charts.  And on those days, we can react very badly to them.

“Reacting badly” means experiencing extreme emotional and physical dissonance.  If one didn’t know better, it might feel like a low level anxiety attack.  It’s often accompanied by physical exhaustion, emotional instability, and energy surges that can be actually painful.   And the state can last for hours.

Sure, when viewed from the larger perspective, and as extremely unpleasant it is in the moment, it’s not “your” stuff and it will pass.

But in these moments of extreme dissonance, we’re often faced with the urge to lash out at everyone and everything around us because of what we’re feeling.  We’re keyed up, anxious, frustrated, and riding on a fine line of wanting to scream just to release the excess, uncomfortable energy.

Which we endure with stoic determination, until someone does something that totally sets us off!!  Something that affects us, or our stuff, in a way that we REALLY!! don’t like!!  And all that dissonant energy flips into anger and the urge to lash out at that person and everyone else around us.

This is what is meant by “being triggered” which we hear of so often in the media.  It’s a phrase that uses the analogy of the trigger of a gun.  Something little that’s pulled that sets of something far larger.  It’s a huge explosion of stuff that usually has little relevance to the trigger was pulled.

So here are some questions to ask yourself and maybe journal about:

  • What do you do in this kind of instance?
  • Do you let your emotions run your life?
  • Do you lash out because it feels good to release the internal pressure?  Or do you bind everything up and repress it?  Or something else?
  • Do you make decisions because you’re angry, or sad, or depressed, or frustrated, etc.?
  • If you make decisions when you’re in these emotional states, are the good, useful, helpful, kind decisions?

For most of humanity, their emotions make their decisions for them just as much as their programming and past experiences do.

One can never be a free being when they are controlled by their emotions, when they’re a victim of their emotional state.

How much of what you do is influenced by your emotions?

Is this how you want your life to work moving forward?

So for now, just something to think about.  🙂